Exhibition 2015


Open: 11:00-19:00 *Closed on Sun, Mon and National holiday


Opening Reception:

    NANZUKA is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition of new works by German artist Jan Pleitner. The exhibition marks Pleitner's first solo exhibition in Japan.

    Jan Pleitner was born in 1984 in Oldenburg, Germany and graduated from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2010. Currently based in Berlin and Düsseldorf, Jan Pleitner is a young and up-and-coming artist who's solo exhibitions include, “Why is the Question – Yes is the Answer” Avlskarl Fine Art Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (2011), “Stadtmuseum Oldenburg” Förderpreis der Öffentlichen Versicherungen Oldenburg, Oldenburg, Germany (2013), “Doowylloh” Ancient and Modern, London, UK (2014).

    Pleitner's paintings appear to embody a peculiar air reminiscent of early 20th century German expressionism as manifest in the works of Kandinsky, Klee and Kirchner. However, it is undoubtedly evident from the viridity of his canvases, that his works are not a mere citation of former art practices. Equipped with strategies of improvisation and tension, Pleitner engages in a repeated attempt to reflect considerations regarding the act and time of painting. His allusions to notions of the “subconscious” and “instinct” that are often ridiculed as out-fashioned within the context of contemporary art, by no means implicate a criticism towards art that employ “calculation” and “logic” as their redeeming characteristic. Rather, the works indicate the artist's philosophy, that matters assumed uncertain by human beings are in fact “a science that prescribes the behavior of organisms,” seemingly developed by our natural world over a substantial period of time.

    Pleitner refers to his own practice appropriating the term, “continuously recording system” as an affirmative sarcasm toward the impending destiny and inevitability that the seconds of time accumulated through each and every brushstroke are eventually absorbed into the objective time axis of history. One witnesses his sincere attitude as an artist of our present time, in striving to scrutinize the inescapable theme of how one must confront the history of cultural activities of the human race. Pleitner continues in his endeavor, condensing an immeasurable amount of time within the strokes of his brush.

    Pleitner will visit Japan on the occasion of this exhibition, and the solo presentation at the gallery is anticipated to feature new paintings created by the artist during his stay. Pleitner has mentioned the following statement in correspondence to the exhibition.

    “Painting for me is a transcript for the transition between ghost, matter, and time. This is a process that I have developed within my past 13 years of painting. My work developed over the years and gradually created its own unique system that progresses while serving as a continuous record. The paintings are a discovery through my intuition and experience, and their ultimate goal is to always make an advancing approach within this discovery.”

    An opening reception with the artist will be held on April 28 (Tue).

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