Exhibition 2011


Open: 11:00-19:00 *Closed on Sun, Mon and National holiday


Opening Reception:

    NANZUKA UNDERGROUND proudly presents a two person exhibit by Tomoki Kurokawa and Tatjana Doll.

    Kurokawa was born in 1975 in Mie Prefecture. He is a unique self-taught artist with no formal artistic training. He ironically refers to himself as an "outsider", yet this rare artist uses his inexperience as his weapon, always attempting bigger and bolder challenges. His creative fuel comes from a powerful internal rebelliousness. One of Kurokawa´s most common themes, for example, is to explore how he can betray the viewer´s sense of common knowledge. Another recurring theme is his search for the antithesis of existential value. Kurokawa´s creative drive takes garbage and turns it into imagery; it erupts with the raw strength of graffiti scrawled by a child, and at the same time eloquently communicates the problem of living as an artist within contemporary society, bound by all of its rules.

    Tatjana Doll, born in 1970 in Burgsteinfurt in former West Germany, graduated from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Her one of a kind talent has been recognized and praised worldwide as she constantly pushes the boundaries of the ever-evolving possibilities of painting. Dynamic energy backed up by evident skill; an incomparable and overwhelming sense of scale; a sense of speed, of pulsing vibrancy; these are all commonly said of Tatjana´s paintings. She uses as her subjects the entire spectrum of things that symbolize the state of our contemporary era, from children´s toys to automobiles, airplanes and traffic signs; from classical artistic masterpieces to scenes taken from films and TV games. Her works remind us of the first impulses of intellectual curiosity gained in the process of our human evolution.

    These two artists, both born in the ´70s, continue to grope towards new possibilities of art within the medium of painting. Their works, which can reach up to 10 meters in size, are like crystals cut from continuous hard work and faith in the power of painting. They create as though constantly asking themselves how much they can move a person´s spirit with a single painting.

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